Friday, September 12, 2014

Sea Glass Fan Mail

Dear Gilda,

I am happy to tell you that your book,  Sea Glass,  arrived via UPS three days ago.  I met its arrival with the excitement of one waiting for the Wells Fargo wagon!

This is a profoundly important book, Gilda.  I am captivated.  I try putting this book down, but it refuses settle!

Your writing, chapter after chapter is deeply stirring. It touches every true fiber of my being, inviting me back into intimate contact with those parts of myself that have always benefitted from deepening attention. What a gift to any discerning individual invested in the individuation process, and what a valuable contribution to life-giving literature.

I congratulate you on this unique and fulfilling human endeavor. I just want to hug you.

Lynette Walker

**Re-printed with permission by Lynette Walker

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