Monday, December 1, 2014

Sea Glass According to Joseph Marvin Spiegelman

Gilda Frantz and Marvin Spiegelman
"Sea Glass" is a senior Jungian Analyst's "story of suffering and individuation,” a series of essays on a variety of topics—all of interest. As a fellow member of the birth class of 1926, growing up in '30's Los Angeles, I was touched by Gilda’s open, honest, forthright expositions from one who indeed suffered multiple losses of mother, husband, son and grandchild. For me the most affecting essays were the interviews with film maker F. Fellini (imagined?) and Jungian scholar and "Red Book" editor, Stephen Martin. Her paper on "Being Ageless: The Very Soul of Beauty" was splendid, as were those on the Jungian ancestors. Written simply and with an open heart, this book will be enjoyed by colleagues and lay persons alike.

—Joseph Marvin Spiegelman, author of Jungian Analysts: Their Vision and Vulnerabilites; Catholicism and Jungian Psychology; The Divine Waba (Within, Among, Between and Around): A Jungian Exploration of Spiritual Paths (The Jung on the Hudson Book Series); Co-author of Secrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle Path

by Gilda Frantz
ISBN: 978-1771690201
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